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Richard Hamar
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Richard Hamar is committed to evolving his practice of law through his traditional skills and the benefits he receives from his daily practice of yoga. Mr. Hamar is unique in the legal field because he has practiced law harmoniously with his wife for twenty-five years, he is a member of state bars in the Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast and Hawaii. He is a trial lawyer with noteworthy cases. He also handles complex appeals. Additionally, Mr. Hamar has often lectured to the bar and is a published author. Several years ago his life began to change through the inspiration he found in the ocean through surfing. "The gifts of the waves originated from great acts of nature thousands of miles away. Being the recipient of those gifts with dolphins swimming nearby made me think deeply about a higher power who could create such a perfect place. When I found that yoga had so many similarities: the waves and our breath serving so many of the same functions; the fluidity of the ocean and a fluid body, and the quality of meditation that both surfing and yoga provide, I thought that I could also create a yogic connection to the law." After seven years of evolving his relationships with his clients and those in the legal system and thinking more calmly and deeply about the big picture of his cases, Mr. Hamar is convinced that there is a better way to practice law.

Through time and this process, his clients agree. If there is further interest in learning about Mr. Hamar and his practice of Yogic Law, you are invited to study this site, communicate with and meet Mr. Hamar



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